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USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy

2020 Academy Event Schedule to be Posted in February 2020

December 31, 2018 For Immediate Release 

The United States Center for Coaching Excellence and the International Council for Coaching Excellence are excited to announce their partnership to bring the ICCE’s Coach Developer program workshops to the United States.  These workshops are designed to support the work of professionals who provide coaching education and coach development to sport coaches across all sport contexts.  Based on the ICCE’s International Coach Developer Framework, the workshops recognize the importance of well-prepared professionals who are responsible for initial and on-going education of volunteer and professional coaches at all levels of sport through classroom, online and on the field learning.  In 2019 the USCCE Coach Developer Academy will provide two ICCE workshops, ‘Teaching & Learning Facilitation Skills’ and ‘Supporting Coaches in Practice’. These intensive 3 day workshops are small group interactive programs that focus on exploring, developing and honing teaching and leadership skills for the professionals who create and deliver coaching education programs.

What is the Coach Developer Academy?

​​The USCCE is excited to partner with the International Council for Coaching Excellence  to provide Coach Developer training in the United States.   The USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy provides 3 day workshops for individuals who work with, educate and support coaches.   Coach Developers play a critical role in the preparation of coaches, and this program has been designed to help you develop the skills you will need to train, support and challenge coaches to become the best that they can be.


The USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy: Teaching & Learning Facilitation Skill workshop

This workshop uses a blended learning approach which includes preparatory e-modules and a highly interactive workshop which addresses how coaches learn, delivery strategies, and facilitation skills of questioning, listening, review and feedback. This 3-day program provides many opportunities to apply the learning and practice your skills with high quality feedback from peers and facilitators. 

The USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy: Supporting Coaches in Practice workshop

Individuals who have earned their trained coach developer- facilitation skills certificate through the USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy or another ICCE supported program are eligible to attend this program.  The  ‘Supporting Coaches in Practice Workshop’ is the second blended learning program helping coach developers to support their coaches' learning outside the formal workshop in more informal contexts.  The 3-day program focuses on how to observe coaches in practice, how to review and help them to reflect on their practice, how to mentor them and how to assess professionals in the field for positive professional and program growth .  Coach Developers will be encouraged to develop their skills in all these areas and reflect on how they currently support, mentor and assess coaches to help them continually to develop their coaching practice. Please note that successful completion of a USCCE/ICCE Teaching & Learning Facilitation Skills workshop or similar ICCE workshop is required for participation in the Supporting Coaches in Practice Workshop.


A USCCE/ ICCE Coach Developer Academy certificate of completion for each workshop will be awarded to successful participants.

Who should apply to attend?

  • Anyone who provides coaching education, works with coaches, and facilitates coach development at any sport level who is interested in improving as an educator and facilitator.

  • Individuals who are passionate about delivering quality coaching education and coach development opportunities to volunteer and paid sport coaching professionals

  • Professionals who are interested in working with others in the profession to explore common challenges and share ideas for development in the field of coaching education and development

  • Novice and experienced coach educators and coach developers are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

  • Anyone who trains or works with coach education providers.

  • International applicants are welcome!

  • Note: Participants must have completed and earned their Facilitation certificate through the USCCE/ICCE Coach Developer Academy or another ICCE supported program in order to be eligible to participate in the Supporting Coaches in Practice program.

Where are Coach Developer Academy workshops held?

USCCE/ICCE Coach Development Academy workshops are held yearly in association with the North American Coach Development Summit.  This year's summit is being held June 1-3, 2020 in Colorado Springs. Program offerings, dates, and application forms will be posted in February.


The USCCE also provides USCCE/ICCE Coach Development Academy workshops for organizations upon request.  Please send an email to for more information.

Academy Workshop Details

  • Workshops are tailored to event participants and are capped at 24 participants to ensure a quality learning experience for all.

  • Workshops are highly interactive with group discussions, application practice and detailed feedback.

  • Participation includes preparation e-modular work prior to the workshop, full workshop attendance and follow up event reflections.

  • Class sizes are kept small to allow for a 6:1 participant facilitator ratio.

Academy refund policy - All fees are non-refundable

Please contact  with any questions.

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